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Welcome and thank you for visiting my shop! I strive for top-quality products and top-notch customer service. Here you can find the cutest house-printed prints, the comfiest fleece covers and longies, and the best, handmade cloth diapers and clothes for your babes! I have formulated my own handmade diaper balm that works wonders on many different types of skin irritants and is cloth diaper safe! Adding to the line-up of outstanding handmade products, we have our wonderful pocket diapers designed by me and a few other accessories you are sure to love! Don't forget to join the VIP group on Facebook for sharing fluff mail, discounts, and getting sneaks!

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  • Pocket Diaper

    Silky PUL, gray AWJ, thicker back & leg elastics, along with many other features, these are sure to be a staple in your stash.

  • Fleece Covers & Longies

    Water resistant, repels moisture and aids to push fluid back into the flat/preflat/fitteds or any absorbent layer of your choice.

  • Grow With Me Clothing

    Soft, comfortable, breathable &
    provides great stretch to accommodate cloth diapers and disposable diapers. Just simply fold the bands to customize length.