Product Overview

Fleece Covers

Fleece covers are an excellent choice as an alternative to PUL or elastics covers. Their water-resistance and moisture-repelling attributes help direct moisture back into the absorbent layer (e.g., flat/preflat/fitteds). Minimal upkeep is needed, as they can simply be included in your regular diaper laundry with no need to worry about delamination or stretched elastics. To further improve repellency, consider washing them alone with a fabric softener. With their comfortable, gentile, and soft cuffs, your baby and you are sure to love these covers.

GWM Clothing

The grow with me clothing line is designed to facilitate growth and ideally buy less frequent! They allow for an array of length to increase the longevity of each garment. The cuffs and waistbands can be folded to fit your child’s current size, then unfolded as they grow. Their foldable waistband allows for a multitude of sizing and personalized fit. Created from soft, breathable fabric blends, these provide durability, superior comfort as well as ample stretch for a comfortable and perfect fit each time.