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Vintage Sunflowers - GWM Pants

Vintage Sunflowers - GWM Pants

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  • Description
  • Grow with me pants are tailored for comfort, durability and longer wear extending the life of each garment. Their foldable waistband and cuffs allow for a multitude of sizing and personalized fit. Created from soft, breathable blends of bamboo and cotton, these provide durability, superior comfort as well as ample stretch for a comfortable and perfect fit each time.

  • Style
    • Main base of the pant will be a printed pattern.
    • Cuffs can either be solid in color or printed to match the base of the pant.
    • Bands and kangaroo pocket (if selected) will be a solid color. 
    • Harem style U shaped design to allow for cloth and/or disposables.
    • Serged seams.
  • Size
  • 0-6M

    • Height: 20.5-27”
    • Inseam: 3.75-7.25”
    • Hips: 16-18.5”


    • Height: 24-30”
    • Inseam: 6.5-9”
    • Hips: 17.5-19.5”


    • Height: 24-30”
    • Inseam: 7.5-12.25”
    • Hips: 18.5-20.75”


    • Height: 30-38”
    • Inseam: 8.5-14”
    • Hips: 19.5-22”


    • Height: 34-42.25”
    • Inseam: 11-17”
    • Hips: 20.75-23.5”
  • Fiber Content
    • DBP: 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex
    • CS: 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex
  • Disclosure
    • Fabric swatches are computer-generated. Image size/placement and color will vary from these images.
    • Colors will vary secondary to screens and lighting.
    • These are approximate ages/sizes/measurements. Childs body build could differentiate from the sizes listed. Please measure before ordering if you are unsure what to order.
    • When in doubt size up due to the limited stretch with 100% polyester (fleece covers and longies).
    • Made-to-order items are non-returnable/non-refundable due to the nature of custom sizing and items. It is your responsibility to purchase correct sizing based on the time frame that your items will be delivered.
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